R. A. Roque is rebooting the Protectors series as the…

Forbidden Minds series

All the Yumi and Chad you have come to love with new covers and titles!

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(Forbidden Minds series, Book 1) 

She attacks other peoples’ minds. He can read them. Will their powers make them the perfect match?

Yumi is used to being alone. Being a powerful telepathic sender gives her a perspective few others can share. When The Agency offers her an assignment, she’s confused about being assigned a partner. But she never expected it would be him…

Chad loves people, and his outgoing personality fits perfectly with his powers of telepathic receiving. His ability to listen in on any mind anywhere helps him connect with anyone. Except for Yumi, of course.

When they’re paired up on a mission, Chad keeps things friendly and Yumi keeps her distance. Before long, things start to heat up, but none of that will matter if they’re dead.

When Chad and Yumi discover The Agency isn’t what it seems, they may lose much more than their budding relationship. They could lose everything they’ve ever loved.

Forbidden Minds is a sci-fi romance set in a world where incredible mental abilities are commonplace. If you like romance mixed with action, sizzling chemistry, and steamy love scenes, then you’ll love R. A. Roque’s saucy space romp.

Note: Forbidden Minds contains a cliffhanger ending and was formerly published under the title Protect Us.

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Wild Minds


(Forbidden Minds series, Book 2) 

The world they knew has changed. Will their escape preserve their lives… and their love?

Yumi thought The Agency would keep her safe. Now the only one she can count on is Chad, even though touching him causes her immense pain. When they escape from the people who led them astray, will Chad’s protection be enough to keep her alive? 

Chad’s weakness is his unrequited love for Yumi. As they flee The Agency, the only thing he cares about is her safety. But could fear take her away before Chad can share how he truly feels?

Chad and Yumi realize their only chance for happiness is to stop The Agency from finding them once and for all. They’ll need help… but most of all, they’ll need each other.

 Will it be enough to break free from The Agency?

Wild Minds is a sci-fi romance that resolves the cliffhanger from Forbidden Minds and ends with a guaranteed HEA. If you like incredible abilities, powerful sexual tension, and relationships with a sci-fi twist, then you’ll love R. A. Roque’s romantic thrill-ride.

Note: Wild Minds was formerly published under the title Protect Us. 

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Frozen Minds


(Forbidden Minds series, Book 3) 

United they stand. Divided they fall…

Keeping one step ahead of The Agency consumes every moment of Yumi, Chad, Gracie, and Shiv’s lives. When they concoct a plan to fake their deaths and finally free themselves for good, there’s only one problem: a bounty hunter who will stop at nothing to make them The Agency’s slaves. 

To protect the others, Yumi breaks a promise with Chad and inadvertently shatters their abilities. Devastated and powerless, the four Protectors must find a way to re-establish their bond before The Agency wins once and for all…

Frozen Minds is the third book in Forbidden Minds, a series of sci-fi romance novels. If you like unquenchable chemistry, elaborate worlds, and superpowers, then you’ll love R.A. Roque’s compelling novel. 

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Secret Minds


(Forbidden Minds series, Book 4)

For a rogue Protector’s Circle, even Christmas can be a time for enemies…

Hiding out from The Agency has put everybody on edge. When Yumi learns that one of their mortal enemies, Merrywell, has contacted Chad for help, she accidentally takes a tumble into a nearby lake. Her stumble does more than give her a chill. It throws her mental powers completely off, which could have deadly consequences for the rest of the team.

When their enemy’s pleas for help appear genuine, Yumi and Chad consider their options. They could abandon her to her deadly fate or help her and leave themselves open to betrayal. But can they possibly turn away someone who needs their help on Christmas?

Secret Minds is Book 4 in the Forbidden Minds series, a collection of sci-fi romance novels. If you like steamy chemistry, incredible superpowers, and Christmas science fiction, then you’ll love R.A. Roque’s standalone adventure.

Note: Secret Minds was formerly published under the title Hide Us.

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