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R.A. Roque is the pen name (If you can call using your own initials and your maiden name a pen name.) of Bobbi Roque Hornik.  She has always been destined to become a creative storyteller since her mother taught her as a young child to say “I use my imagination.”  She was also destined to hate dislike editing – though not editors – ever since her grade two teacher told her she overused the word nice.  

She lives in the forests of Northern Canada, which sounds a lot more romantic than it is.  And asks nothing more from life than to hang out with her family, go for long walks, and write a few thousand words a day.  She loves hearing from her readers and you can find her at… 




Her stories are written to make you feel deeply and take you along on the wild ride that is falling in love.  

Hope your heart is ready!








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