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I’ve set up a giveaway just for you, my peeps in the Protectors reader’s group.  (This is my first time running one of these so you’ll have to be patient if it doesn’t run perfectly smoothly.)
So here’s how it works.  There’s some give and take.  I give value and you give value — like those little birds that eat the junk out of the crocodile’s teeth, it’s a symbiotic relationship.  (The bird gets food and the croc gets clean teeth.)  They both benefit!  And that’s what this giveaway is — a symbiotic relationship between reader and author!  (Without the scraps of rotting food, of course.)
To enter the giveaway, I ask that you leave a review for Forbidden Minds.
(Please note: You are not required to leave a review to enter this giveaway because that would be against the rules.  I am only asking nicely.  Pretty please with a cherry on top!) (Didn’t you love that part in the movie Despicable Me where the girls are asking for something and saying, "Pretty please." and he says in that accent… “Dee appearance of dee please makes no difference…”  So hilarious.  But I digress.)
A review doesn’t have to be a big long essay with several paragraphs. (Though I wouldn’t mind if you were long winded because most of the reviews on Forbidden Minds right now are of the short variety.)  A review can be a star rating and a couple words.  Or you can get into what you liked about the book a little more.  My point is that it’s not difficult and doesn’t have to take very long.  And you have the chance to win prizes!
What you can win…
2 signed copies of Frantic Minds
5 ebook copies of Frantic Minds
And 2 - $10 Amazon gift cards
For me, having more reviews means that I can get more promotions and get the Forbidden Minds series into the hands of more readers who will love it.  And that means I can write more books for you to enjoy!
I’ve itemized exactly the steps you need to take, to help out any people who haven’t left reviews before.

Steps to Enter

1. Click on this link…
2. Scroll down to where it says Write a Customer Review and click that button.
3. Amazon will need you to log into your account.  Do so.
4. Click on the buttons giving your opinion of the book.  Choose your star rating.  And then write how you felt about the book.  Add a headline.  And click submit.
5. Yay!  THANK YOU.  Amazon will send you an email saying that your review has gone live.  When you get that, click on the link.  It will take you to your review on Amazon.
6. Go to the box — at the top of your internet browser — that has the URL for that page.  Copy the URL for your review.
7. Then come back to this email and click on the link to the giveaway below.  In the box where it says Your Review Link, paste the URL.
8. Hit enter and you’re done!
This giveaway is for April 7th, 8th, and 9th (2017) only!  That's the weekend of the Frantic Minds release.  Winners will be announced and prizes awarded on Monday, April 10th.  I will send out the ebooks and gift cards within 48 hours.  The signed copies will take a little longer - up to eight weeks because I live in the middle of nowhere.
Frantic Minds will be released April 8th!  Super excited for you to read it.
So, if you’re interested in entering the giveaway, then please follow the steps and enter.
Bobbi (writing as R. A. Roque)