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A dinosaur in the house?

“Blue Cat wasn’t sure but she thought it was one of those creatures that the eldest child read and talked about called a dine-no-sore.


Blue Cat did not know what eating had to do with not being hurt, but if the eldest child said it was so, then it was so.  Perhaps the animal was able to eat without pain.  But most everyone could do that!  Blue Cat’s head was starting to hurt, so she stopped trying to puzzle it out and instead introduced herself…”


Join Blue Cat and Yellow Duck on their first adventure.  You might wonder how exciting just roaming around a house could be?  With Blue Cat and Yellow Duck, there’s never a dull moment!


The hilarious misunderstandings and play-on-words in this beginner novel will make you laugh – no matter how many times you read it!  This quirky story is perfect for kids looking for their first chapter book and also makes for a wonderful bedtime read-aloud, as well.


Come on an adventure with Blue Cat, Yellow Duck, and the dine-no-sore today!

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