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By day Bobbi Roque Hornik is a mild-mannered school-teacher and mother of four, by night an ill-mannered author and crafter of words – scribbling furiously at her desk and not saying please and thank you. (Okay, okay, so she types at a Macbook Pro and she’s Canadian, which makes her genetically predisposed to always say please and thank you, but you get the idea.)

Since her grade two teacher told her she overused the word ‘nice’, Bobbi has always had a secret hankering to write books using words like passionate, vertigo, blitz, and drat. She lives on a beautiful lake in Northern Canada and asks only to tap away at her keyboard, go for a run once in a while, and spend time drinking green smoothies with her family. She has been known to eat dandelion, “Yes, they’re edible! Maybe not palatable…but you can eat them.” And can often be seen reading books on her smart phone or even sometimes on paper! (Gasp.)

She can be contacted at http://bobbiroquehornik.com/contact-me/ and always answers her own email. Wait… she works full time, mothers four children, writes books, and answers her own email? Where does she find the time? Well, eventually all children must go to bed…

Remember, you are important and if you take the time to contact her, she will get back to you, so just be patient!